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Projector and lamp use, care and maintenance

With the reduced projection technology continues to mature and price, the projector has begun to be widely used in a variety of large public spaces, teleconferencing, school teaching, and other organs. The projector after a period of time there will be some way or another failure, so those who are not familiar with the projector user annoyance.

The projector uses the ten note:
1. Try to use original projector cables, wires;
2. projector and projector lamp Epson ELPLP42 when used to stay away from water or moisture;
3. pay attention to dust, dust control measures can be taken after consultation with professionals;
4. The need to use the projector away from heat;
5. Note that the ground and power supply voltage polarity of the nominal value of the machine;
6. No user-serviceable and open the body, internal cable replacement parts as much as possible to use the original accessories;
7. When the projector is not in use, you must turn off the power;
8. When the projector is used, such as unusual circumstances, unplug the power supply;
9. Note that after use, the first cool down the projector.

Projector bulb part
Currently, most projectors use metal halide (Metal Halide) or projector lamp (UHE or UHP), the lighting state when the voltage across the projector lamp is about 60-80V, the gas pressure inside the bulb is greater than 10kg / cm, there are thousands of degrees the temperature of the filament in a semi-molten state. Thus, in the boot state non-vibration, move the projector, to prevent the explosion of the lamp, stop using it immediately after the power supply is not disconnected, let the machine automatically shut down after the cooling is completed, the machine is still hot in damage caused by the power failure is most projectors one common reason for returning. In addition, to reduce the boot times beneficial to lamp life.

4. The circuit section
Non-hot plug cable, power source and the projector while the best common ground.
This is because when the projector and the signal source (such as a PC) is connected to a different power supply, there may be a high potential difference between the zero line. When the user hot plug signal line or other circuit occurs between the plug and socket ignition phenomena, damage to the signal input circuit, thus causing serious consequences.

The projector is in use, some users claim there is a greater distance between the signal source and the projector, such as the lifting of the projectors are generally more than 15 meters away from the signal source, then the corresponding signal cable must be extended. Whereby the input signal will cause the projector is attenuated, even tailing phenomenon fuzzy jitter projected picture occurs. This is not a failure of the projector, it will not damage the machine. The best way to solve this problem is to install a signal amplifier in the signal source, signal transmission can be guaranteed more than 20 meters and no problem.

Second, the projector maintenance and maintenance
Using the projector is not complicated, but because the user is often not a single projector, which is not regularly use the projector, people tend to ignore maintenance projector maintenance issues. The following simple entry to the ordinary user of the projector to provide daily maintenance, maintenance and troubleshooting issues, you can put this text printed on a piece of paper, and machine together, before using Quick View, let the projector to maintain the best condition.

Maintenance projector lens in the lens often see dust, in fact, it does not affect the quality of the projector, if it is really dirty, wipe lens paper available treatment.

Most machines use the projector must be cooling at shutdown, can not run directly to the main power off. If the normal switch machine, the machine can be used longer.

Cooling Check that the projector must be careful in the use of its air inlet and outlet if there is kept open.
Cleaning the filter in order to allow the projector to use a good condition, please clean the filter regularly (usually in the inlet of the filter), cleaning time depending on the environment, the general office environment, about six months cleaning.

Projector connection interface provided by a lot, so there are a lot of wiring, when the signal cable, you must pay attention to whether to take on the line, plug for holes to reduce failures. When finished using the remote control, it is best to remove the battery, avoid out of power when used next time.

Third, projector repair instructions
1, the liquid crystal sheet so there is life accessories be sure to look at the old and new. The new warranty period is generally more expensive, but more than one year old are cheap but the warranty period not exceeding six months.
2, to promote home maintenance. Home repair their own business or the business office to repair maintenance, seeing is believing, will be an opportunity to prevent unscrupulous businessmen.
3, this motherboard would need to replace a 5000-6000 master pieces, generally do not easily replaced, in fact, most motherboards simply replace the damaged electronic components such as CPU, integrated block can get.
4, the Epson projector lamp ELPLP49 failure without repair, simply buy a new projector bulbs, will be replaced on their own fault lamp. As long as the professionalism of the industry knowledge you can replace yourself. Here should be noted that the different light bulbs used in most projectors can not be universal, before buying the projector bulb be sure to ask the use of models.

Fourth, the projector Troubleshooting
Projector bulb projector usually have no action but the picture is projected, it could be a problem with the lamp, the lamp can be taken out to see if there are damaged or contact the manufacturer's service department.
If the main power supply no power to check whether the problem with the power of the insurance, if there is no problem, that is, the power supply is damaged, contact the manufacturer's service department.
Projected image color cast check the VGA cable to see if there is not plugged in or there is no broken connector pins. If not, it is probably the optical system has a problem, please contact the manufacturer's service department.
There is no picture signal check cable, then check the projector signal selection is consistent with the source, or if no picture, then check your computer for normal signal transfer.

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How to better use the projector lamp

Projector lamp is an important supply, its price is more expensive, how to effectively protect the projector bulb is every user must take seriously the issue.

1, switching time interval should be about 5 minutes

Because the projector power supply uses a ratio of pulse width modulation method and steps down mains voltage, stable power handling, and when dealing with these areas, the power switch and projector power transformer would work for use in high on the frequency, the switch will naturally arise considerable switching losses in frequent switching process, these losses will be transferred into heat comes out, so that the temperature inside the projector, plus bulb itself issued the heat inside the projector gathered in a small space, it's easy to make light bulbs produce explosions. Also frequent switching power supply, it will have a huge projector lamp current impact, the projection lamp can be easily damaged. To avoid these original projector lamps damaged, we try not to frequently switch the projector, but also keep in mind that after turning off the projector if you want to re-boot, it must wait five minutes or so.

2, should not be reflective projection environment

Many people often mistakenly believe that as long as the lamp brightness to increase high enough, then the projection will certainly be very legible; in fact, the projection is good or bad, and in addition to the lamp brightness relationship, but also the working environment and bulbs relationship, work environment light intensity will affect the projection. Therefore, we must be arranged good working environment projection, the projection lamp to avoid as far as possible to work in too much light conditions, which is due to too strong ambient light bulb may cause effects become poor; so in order to get better projection, we may wish to install in a room curtains to block outdoor light; the walls of the room, floor reflective material should not be used because these details will allow the bulb to produce the effect of a higher level.

3. Make sure the power of "identity"

In order to prevent an explosion or there is work lamp power does not match the phenomenon, the projector is connected to its power supply specifications also had strict rules. When users connect the projector to an electrical outlet, you should pay attention to the nominal value of the supply voltage, the machine ground and power polarity, and pay attention to the ground. This is because when the projector and the signal source (such as a PC) is connected to a different power supply, there may be a high potential difference between the zero line. When the user hot plug signal line or other circuit occurs between the plug and socket ignition phenomena, damage to the signal input circuit, not only may cause the lamp does not work, but there may be damage to the projector, the worst case can cause a fire accident. Therefore, we had better use the supplied power cord while maintaining socket and the power cord is connected to a reliable ground.

4, pay attention to the order of switching power supply

Because the projector power supply part of the burden to the projector's internal circuit portion and the projector bulb powered task, if not in the correct order turn off the projector, then the bulb might and power projection circuitry portion close together inside the projector the power supply fan will also stop work, so a lot of heat generated by the lamp and the projector during operation can not be ruled out by a fan out, it is likely to cause the lamp to explode. Many just starting out with the projector users, often very casually frequently switch the projector, the projector is turned on and off in fact are strict rules for its power, as this may damage the lamp or the projector. Normally, when we turn on the projector, you should first turn on the power, then hold down the projector's control panel LAMP indicator, and not until the appearance of the green flashing. Not directly cut off the power shutdown, but should first hold down the LAMP indicator until the green light is not flashing, the projector until the fan stops, and finally cut off the power. Therefore, the correct switch off the projector and the projector on the life of the internal parts of the life of the bulb greatly affected.

5, no more than four hours each job

If the projection lamp work long hours, then the projector's internal imaging system may emit a lot of heat, which can lead to rapid temperature inside the projector increases, due to the inner wall of the quartz projector lamp will produce at high temperature devitrification phenomenon, which appears white spots, so a lot of devitrification at block light so that the abnormal temperature increase in the local area, thereby causing devitrification region to further expand, so that the rapid decay of brightness, and is likely to cause the lamp to explode. Therefore, we must pay attention to try to make the projector duration of each work should not exceed four hours.

There are a considerable number of people buy when the projector compatible projector lamps always worry about poor quality, worry projector lamp when in use will explode, in fact, such worries are unnecessary when there are many, will appear this projector lamp case, the projector lamp does not have much relationship, and is closely related to our usual use. Used properly, they can completely avoid this from happening.

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How do theater stage lighting configuration

The theater stage , a variety of stage , ordinary proscenium stage , there is a thrust stage , there is an island stage , the stage is also known as the black box , because the stage different forms , so the lamp configuration requirements are not the same . Ordinary proscenium stage , whether in the past or is now building and upgrading more than theater , the stage is in dire need of more seeyo beam lighting configuration and necessary .

Stage performances because of the different requirements of the program will vary depending on the lighting . So before equipped with lamps must be clear at this stage to show what kind of repertoire based, so there will be a lighting configuration compared with clear goals and intentions. If positioned on the stage to perform a traditional opera, ballet -based, the lamps must be configured on opera, ballet demands to configure . As to the large dance , miscellaneous ashamed lighting and other special programs are in addition to the basic requirements based configuration outside , should be based on the specific program requirements, to add special lights and lamps bit configuration , so it is more difficult in this narrative clear. So I can only talk about the basic configuration of lamps Theatre here , according to this configuration, the river meet the general , such as opera , ballet , ballet , drama, opera and other local theater requirements.
Before configuring lamps should first understand the types of lamps and their main functions and purposes. Here are some simple performance lamps , lighting configuration for the times to choose from.

1 . Spotlight - with the spotlight on the stage in front of the lighting is the use of a plano-convex condenser is concerned , this lamp can adjust the spot size, more concentrated beam out of the music , next to diffuse light is relatively small, with 0.5W power to 5KW variety , focal length long , medium and short of points, depending on the distance from the radio needs to be selected .

2 . Rib light - or soft light , but in light of such television claimed the spotlight . In terms of the stage in order to distinguish the above-convex spotlight bulk and soft, so use up a large diffuse area , sometimes in order to control the diffusion of light in front of the mirror to pass block plus the title page , which features a large area is light , not like poly Le obvious spot light feel , shot from the close, the power has 1KW, 2KW other .
3 . Back light - this is no light in front of the lens , the light is completely on the larger mirror shot back , with the same 2KW bulb , the brightness is brighter than the condenser , it is on the stage to show the use of strong light and brightness . The effect is better than other lamps , characterized by a strong beam , but when dimming its focal point to note , is not appropriate to adjust the focus point on the color paper or screen , so prone to burning , the other in the center often appear sinister dimming to avoid black heart in the center of the front end of the lamp plus an annular baffle, the injection spot large to collapsed . Now the new kind of coating on the reflector so that the transmission line back outside to minimize the lamp in front of the temperature, use a good effect, the name of the super cold spotlight , the actual structure of the lamp is the same with the back light .

4 . Imaging light - or molding lights, ellipsoidal spotlight. The beam angle can be selected based on a variety of applications , such as slide -like main feature is able to spot a variety of shapes cut into square , diamond, triangle , or projected for all kinds of design patterns , power is also 1KW, 2KW , etc. optional configurations.

5. Jane Light - also known as PAR lamps, or light beam , which is installed by a mirror structure is also useful in the cylindrical bulb reflector bowl bromine tungsten bulbs , the main characteristics of the emitted beam over a fixed beam width variety of angles , spot size can not be adjusted.

6. Days row of lights - power of astigmatism lights, down to the sky with the irradiation requires light and balanced , large illuminated area .
7 . Pai lights - power of astigmatism lights used on the stage surface, the lower canopy light upward , and the days of discharge lamp illumination light phase, up and down evenly.

8. Astigmatism of lights - a long strip , divided into multiple cells, generally can be divided into three or four colors , each with incandescent bulbs power grid at about 200W, requires a variety of colors from connecting uniform, large- area illumination using curtains or draw the curtain also be used as a large area with a balance of light spread , various colors of light can also be used , different colored beams tune .

9. General astigmatism lights - as well as ordinary tungsten floodlight , mainly evenly illuminate a certain area , or some scenery purposes. Lamps described above , is generally used in the basic stage lighting , but the performances of the different forms repertoire also configure other types of lamps.

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Maintenance methods and procedures projector lamp

Projector lamp is the most important supplies, its performance directly determines the sharpness and brightness of the projected image . With the projected extension of working hours , the lamp brightness will naturally continue to decrease, so does the projected image will be more clear, when the replacement projector lamp consumption to a certain extent , it should be replaced to the point . However, in order better to save the user's post-use costs , the cost of maintaining a higher projection lamp will become more important , is also well worth the majority of users in it more carefully

Tools / materials
Judging from the light emitting type , projector bulbs can be divided into metal halide bulbs and UHP mercury lamp , which in turn can include UHP, UHE , etc., then there is a rookie is a xenon lamp .

Methods / steps
Metal halide bulb
It is because of the metal halide lamp filled named, its advantage is cheap, replacement cost is relatively low . Lit the lamp in the state, the voltage across the lamp is generally about 60V , the higher the gas pressure inside the bulb , the filament in a semi -molten state , the temperature is as high as thousands of degrees , so the projector's cooling capacity requirements higher, more commonly used in larger LCD projector.
The disadvantage is that life is short, life of 2000 hours , however , during use , metal halide bulbs brightness will decay very badly, after 1000 hours of total work time the general effect of the projected image can barely acceptable, and then continue to use it projected image becomes very bad. Currently, metal halide bulbs have been phased out domestic projector lamp market , instead it is cold light high-pressure mercury lamp.


UHE lamp
UHE lamp belongs to a class of ultra-high pressure mercury lamp , more suitable for prolonged use. Its price is relatively modest , at about 2,000 yuan, the current mainstream projection is widely used UHE. UHE lamp filtered infrared optical principle , issued cold, heat is relatively small, the projector can effectively reduce power consumption. This filling technology using ultra-high pressure mercury lamp is often called cold light bulb , the most prominent feature is the long life, generally can achieve more than 3000 hours , during working hours to 2000 hours, the brightness almost no attenuation.
This lamp is not only the normal use longer than metal halide bulbs twice , and this lamp performance curve smooth , high brightness, brightness down long-term use is not obvious, but the price is more appropriate for most mainstream applications projector lamp.

UHP lamp
UHP lamp stands for Ultra High Performance, also belong to the ultra-high pressure mercury lamp , its life is longer, generally nominal 6000 hours , the longest even nominal 12,000 hours , 4000 hours cumulative working time does not appear obvious brightness attenuation . Philips invented the light bulb is a patented technology, when the bulb failure will immediately extinguished. Compared with the UHE lamp , not only in the same power consumption , UHP bulb can produce a large amount of light , and can effectively suppress flicker from happening, but the shape is more compact, light attenuation is smaller, longer life.
Compared to the first two , UHP projector lamp is more ideal light source , but its patented Philips technology monopoly , the price is high, generally more than 3,000 yuan , usually only high-end projector will use it. However, with the increasing popularity of the projector and technology updates , and some have begun to use the mid- projector UHP lamp .

SP-LAMP-026 Photronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dealing with stage lighting R&D, manufacture, distribution and services. Stage lighting light source, projector bulb are our main products, we have rich professional experience in this field. Since the company was founded, we are growing rapidly, our annual output value reached 1-3 million dollars, and now we become one of the industry leaders in China.
Eighty percent of Sunbows's products are export to oversea, the main market is Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and many other Middle East countries. Depends on our compttitive prices, high quality and reliable service, we received many praises from customers.
Sunbows keep the operation principle: Based on the technology to create the highest quality and security products, to make contributions to society.
"To become the world leader in high quality source of innovation" is our enterprise target.
Sunbows will be your strong support and guide, the dream is no longer far away. Cooperate with us!sunbows will bring you bright and colorful future just like the sunbow.[img]


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The Outstanding SEEYO Section Lighting Merchandise

There are tons of components of SEEYO phase lighting resources 1 can use to gentle the stage, club, dance flooring, et cetera. It is achievable to, in authentic reality, identify the SEEYO phase lights equipment equivalent to each and each and every standard piece of tools you could probably want. For illustration, moving lights are terribly properly-favored right there and there exist hundreds of SEEYO lights pursuing that trend. This is owing to DMX lights fixtures which appear to transfer in a assortment of quite a few techniques. There are additionally screens which arrive geared up with SEEYO gentle displays.

LED Par Lights[/b]

Utilizing this form of SEEYO phase mild resources, it is uncomplicated to display a amount of diverse hues, types, and photos which go in surplus of the display in a truly groundbreaking way. In a all-natural way, a great deal of people surprise why they just not maintain their normal instruments. Not each and every guy or lady has provided into the SEEYO fad, before long following all, practically definitely they do not acknowledge all the benefits inherent with making to probably to SEEYO lights goods.
Genuinely, it is a good deal significantly more value tag efficient to use SEEYO lights and products, for a variety of a variety of brings about. At the center of all of them, nonetheless, is the ability to preserve, regardless of whether it comes to conserving time, conserving strength, preserving funds – or all three at as quickly as.

Many people are educated, for instance, that it is easy to aid preserve a good offer much more cash than you could almost certainly even be lured to contemplate essentially for shifting more than to SEEYO lighting techniques. They burn noticeably a lot more time than fundamental lights, which have a inclination to just endure for one thousand several several hours or so. In spite of how large that sum appears, a one thousand hrs can transfer swiftly, in specified if the stage in worry is normally utilised.
Unnecessary to say, the reality that the SEEYO stage lights items can very last for a extended time will help save time, energy, and revenue. It is in reality extremely great for the males and girls who have out on the phase. SEEYO lights do not give off the warmth connected with simple lights. Functioning on the period could no a good deal a lot more be a sweltering, uncomfortable knowledge. You will not need to substitute the bulbs as usually equally.

Making the swap over to SEEYO lights may effectively be beneficial in any range of assorted tactics. It is vitality effective, worth effective, and time successful. These are all factors that you would want to aid conserve when you enter any company. When it requires phase carrying out, even so, you would want to be even a lot far more diligent.

Go by way of much a lot more:seeyolighting

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